Guarantee and Contract

At BigGuns Bullies we require a 500.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your pick.  If for any reason pregnancy did not take, your deposit can transfer to the next litter or a refund may be issued by BGB.  All picks at are to be paid in full by 6 weeks of age or your money may be forfeited. All pups will recieve registration(Full registration applies) and current vaccinations upon delivery. Pups can be picked up or shipped at 8 weeks of age or after we have made our chosen picks. The buyer will be responsible to pay shipping costs, crate, and health certificate. Upon arrival your puppy must be seen by your vet within 48 hours to assure good a clean bill of health or contract is null and void. We must recieve written varification. Our pups are all vet checked and released with a clean bill of health and proof to be provided to new owners. After ourclean bill of health we will not be responsible for parvo, giardia, kennel cough ,corona, rabies or coccidia.
  Buyer understands in which a pup is purchased as pet only with limited registration will be sold with a spay and neuter contract. AKC limited papers will be provided to owners upon recieving the vet report of the completion of the spay or neuter. Buyer has up to 12 months to complete or all AKC limited papers will be forfeited. If buyer wishes to want full registration they have up to 12 months from date of signed contract to do so. The difference of limited to full registration will be paid to the seller in this 12 month period.
      BGB will stand behind our pups for up to 1 year from a graded severe hip dysplasia. BGB must be notified by a vet and proof  must be presented by OFA or Penn Hip and reported from your vet and sent to BGB.  If your puppy is proven to have this genetic defect you can choose a pup on next available litter for the same sex upon us recieving the spaying or neuter certificate. Seller agrees to warrant pups up to thier 1st birthday to be free from life threatening heart defects, Neurological disorder, luxating patellas, severe spinal disorders. All reports will be provided by 2 veternarians. The purchaser can opt to return the pup at thier expense. Contract will be null and void if a female is bred or weight pulled before 1 years of age, or injuries due to protective training. Any signs of mistreatment, abuse, neglect your contract is null and void. Any pup in which price is negotaited BGB has the right to withdraw any guarentee or hold paper registrations. This guarentee is not transferrable and only applies to the original owner unless other wise approved in writing by BGB. If for any reason the puchaser can no longer keep, or wants to relinquish ownership, BGB must be notified and have first rights and will be returned to BGB before being sold, placed in any pound or shelter or euthanized. BGB can retain breeding rights to chosen males via stated in contract. The pup shall not be neutered unless agreed upon by buyer and BGB.  We also want to recieve pictures of the pups from every 3 months till the age of 2 yrs to see thier progress and will be notified of any address or phone number change from the purchaser. We at BGB will always be available to help with any concerns or questions as we want whats best for your puppy. We wish you the very best and good luck. Please contact Bob Aloisio at bgbulls71@gmail.com or call 1-630-664-5087
Puppys name : _________________ Purchaser: _________________
Paid in Full : $_________________ Address: __________________  
Purchase date: _________________ Phone: ____________________
Guarentee expiration: ____________ Email: _____________________
BGB owner: ___________________
* I ____________________ have read the above contract and guarentee on______________ . I have agreed to all terms with the purchase of my new puppy from BGBullies.


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